Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Malaysia

Mixed Martial Arts in Malaysia

There are many martial arts gyms in Malaysia offering different styles under one roof. But they are not ‘Mixed Martial Arts gyms’. Most martial arts gyms cannot survive offering only one discipline like Tae Kwon Do or Karate nowadays, mainly due to the fact that people are not really interested in this type of martial arts anymore, especially grown adults. There are quite a few modern martial arts gyms in Kuala Lumpur now offering one membership with few martial arts, mostly Aikido, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Tai Chi. Some offer only Kickboxing, and doing pretty well. There is one martial arts gym in Kota Damansara, Selangor offers Aikido, Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and Karate. Members have to pay for each discipline. But none of them are Mixed Martial Arts Schools, like Lion’s Den, American Top Team, Miletich Fighting System, Team Quest, or Tiger Schulmann MMA in America. They are just a gym offering different martial arts.

 The Difference

It’s different between picking up different martial arts at the same time and picking up an Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) system. Because, for example, learning Wing Chun does not prepare you to fight on the ground, learning Judo does not equip you with striking skills, so learning Aikido, Karate, and Kickboxing separately at the same period of time basically just extend your knowledge in different fighting style. You are not learning MMA. Of course, eventually and ultimately you could and you should incorporate them into a system of your own, it can then be an MMA system of your own. But the bottom line is it has to be resilient to the test of time, time when you face a boxer, a ground fighter, a brawler, time you test it on the street, time you add and remove the techniques to fine tune it. So when you teach this style of fighting of yours which can handle No-Holds-Barred fight, it is MMA you are teaching. Same goes to if you learn a fighting style that includes stand-up vs stand-up, stand-up vs take down, stand-up vs clinching, stand-up vs grappling, grappling vs grappling, all in one system. You are learning MMA.

 Mixed Martial Arts in Malaysia

Again, I don’t mean martial arts gyms that offer various disciplines under one roof. I mean gym that teaches MMA style in Malaysia. There is one in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. It is the MMA gym I am training at, the Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia. Crazy Monkey Defense was founded by Rodney King from South Africa. This programmes are so well structured that an untrained person can be able to box and roll at a satisfactory level in a year. The programmes are conducted in a fun and progressive manner that enable the students to pick up the skills without pressure and frustration. Honestly, there are times I felt I was in a fitness bootcamp, tough but fun. Fun does not mean students are not serious. I had to tap out against a female partner half my size while rolling. I got cauliflower ears on both side. We do roll hard and hit hard sometimes (the rule is both must agree to up the contact level before it starts). I think what I mean by FUN is the non-competitive environment, a tribe-like brotherhood, everyone is serious and sincere in helping each other’s skills to improve. Not fun as in playful, well it can be.

Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia

The coach of Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia is Vince. He’s got at least 30 years experience in different martial arts. He’s got 8 years training in Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ). He’s one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiujitsu in Malaysia. Crazy Monkey Defense was brought in and founded in Malaysia in 2006. Chief coach Rodney King visits Malaysia once a year for a regional seminar. Learn more about Rodney here (About Rodney). Vince and Rodney are both very experienced in coaching. The standard as a result is very high as well.

In Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia, you get to learn every skill that you need to know in MMA. Pick up an MMA magazine or book, techniques you see inside you will learn it from CMD Malaysia, and more. The system is so efficient that some of the world famous no-holds-barred fighters are using the unique techniques taught in Crazy Monkey Defense in their fights. YouTube Rampage CMD and you will see Rampage is one of the fighters uses CMD techniques.

As a Malaysian I feel very fortunate to have Crazy Monkey Defense here in Malaysia. One of the best MMA styles in the world is available in Malaysia.


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